Everything You Need to Know About Bathroom Design

An attractive bathroom makes everyday tasks like cleaning and showering more pleasurable, so take the time to decide exactly what your bath requires before consulting design professionals.

Some designers specialize solely in design while others provide products and installation as part of a full package. Make sure you ask about their qualifications and see examples of their work before choosing your designer.


Color can make an enormous impactful statement in the bathroom. From soothing hues and shades, to bold statements and everything in between – there is an infinite number of combinations that work. Finding that ideal balance will create an ideal aesthetic.

One effective strategy to approach bathroom design is through the use of a color wheel, which offers instant and simple solutions. For instance, purple and yellow are complimentary hues while green and blue provide an analogous scheme.

White can make any bathroom truly shine, especially when enhanced with texture. Smooth surfaces, billowy window treatments and natural stone tiles all can add visual interest and enhance an otherwise simple white color scheme. For an added dash of drama add something colorful like wall art or decorative accessories – making your white color scheme truly shine.

Warm browns remain an elegant bathroom color choice that never goes out of style. Their warmth makes a room seem larger while pairing with crisp white is also very elegant.

Sage is an earthy shade perfect for bathrooms. While not as bright and vibrant as emerald or peridot, its depth and richness stand out against standard beige or gray shades. A muted silver finish on hardware adds the perfect finishing touch, as seen here.

Light blue can have an instantly soothing effect in smaller spaces. From baby blue and sky blue hues, to other muted tones like peach or lavender hues – light blue’s soothing ambiance complements various themes perfectly.

Teal is an excellent color to use to energise a room while still creating an overall relaxing effect, pairing well with any range of accent colors ranging from neutrals to metallics and even warm neutrals. In this bathroom you can see both pairing well – note terra-cotta accent and gold mirror! Tangerine has become increasingly popular as an interior design trend and can also add vibrancy and personality to a bathroom when used correctly – however this might prove more difficult than some other bright shades but when achieved effectively can really transform space!


Bathrooms have become luxurious spa-like spaces, and lighting plays an essential part in creating an inviting ambience. Designers can use layered lighting schemes to illuminate morning tasks like shaving or applying makeup before dimming down for relaxation baths or reading time.

An effective bathroom design relies on layers of lighting strategically placed throughout the space and evenly distributed to eliminate shadowing. This ensures the area remains bright enough for precision tasks while remaining soft enough for relaxing after a hard day at work.

When selecting lighting fixtures, it is crucial that they can handle moisture. You should choose water-resistant fixtures or those equipped with protective coatings in order to prevent corrosion and stains, while eggshell or satin finishes provide brighter illumination of any given space.

Recessed lighting is an integral element of bathroom decor, yet its placement must be optimal to prevent shadowing and glare. They should be evenly spaced across from mirrors. Surface fixtures like sconces or pendants can add style while serving double duty as accent lighting; for maximum flexibility consider fixtures with frosted glass or fabric lampshades that cover bulbs.

Add natural lighting to any room for optimal results, but bathroom spaces especially benefit from having natural illumination. Install skylights to bring natural light while maintaining privacy and reducing heat loss.

Another effective way of adding natural light into a space is through windows or doors that open widely to allow air circulation freely and promote freshness in the room. Doing this not only gives your bathroom a bright, open feeling, but it will also reduce mold and mildew growth in the space.

No matter the changes you’re planning to make to your bathroom, it is vitally important that experienced professionals are involved. Any errors could prove costly or even dangerous when it comes to plumbing and electrical work.


Storage should be one of the primary elements in any bathroom design plan, not only because it keeps toiletries and grooming tools organized but also so they’re easily found and accessible when necessary. Plus, storage keeps cleaning products out of reach from children or animals!

Bathroom designs should provide ample storage without compromising style. Open shelving offers an easy way to incorporate storage without sacrificing style; simply mount it directly on the wall or incorporate it as part of a cabinet for installation – either option works great and can even be personalized by decorating with personal items for an individual touch.

Built-in cabinets available at JMT Trade are an excellent addition to larger bathrooms, complementing freestanding tubs or corner tubs while offering plenty of customizability in terms of door styles, finishes and knobs for an eye-catching appearance. Furthermore, cabinets offer bulkier items like towels and linens ample storage space with the added benefit of being organized via vanity drawers.

Even small bathrooms can benefit from plenty of storage space. A floating shelf can help make use of every square inch available to you while being decorated with beautiful items like fresh flowers or books for a stylish touch. Baskets offer another versatile storage solution and can even be placed beneath sinks to hold folded towels or washcloths, like Emily Henderson Designs has done here.

If your space allows it, adding a storage tower may be the right decision for you. These adaptable fixtures can be configured to include as many shelves, drawers, and storage nooks as you require, matching any bathroom vanity perfectly for a unique look. Plus they’re perfect for narrow areas that cannot accommodate cabinets!

Items susceptible to being damaged in a bathroom, like beauty tools and electronics, require adequate protection in a cabinet that allows easy access without fear of misplacing or breaking them. Cabinets featuring interior roll-out drawers or charging station storage makes this easier, so these essential items don’t get lost or misplaced.


Bathroom fixtures are an integral component of room design. From making or breaking an aesthetic statement, to providing functionality in their space – from anti-scalding faucets and wall-mounted medicine cabinets – there is an assortment of choices available when selecting new bathroom fixtures.

Color and finish of bathroom fixtures is another important consideration. Available finishes for bathroom fixtures include chrome, nickel and brass; in general the ideal match would be something like towel bars and cabinet hardware in terms of both color and finish – for instance if designing a modern themed room chrome or nickel would likely work better; when going for more traditional themes brushed bronze or antique brass may be ideal.

Consider additional factors when selecting bathroom fixtures, such as their durability and safety features. For instance, if your family includes children it would be prudent to opt for fixtures with anti-scalding guards to help prevent accidents with hot water heaters or bathtubs. Furthermore, eco-friendly labels may help conserve water resources.

Homeowners typically favor matching bathroom fixtures, yet that doesn’t have to be exactly true. There are various combinations possible; mixing styles is becoming increasingly popular. Some people even choose to combine metals such as brass and copper.

No matter what style you select for your bathroom, it’s essential that sight lines into the space be considered. Sightlines help determine whether fixtures will be visible from outside or blocked by windows and are therefore crucial in setting the scene of an effective bathroom space design.

Bathrooms should be places where we go to relax and rejuvenate, so it is essential that the space feels relaxing and calming. Selecting appropriate fixtures can transform any bathroom into an inviting spa-like retreat; with some work and time invested you can craft your ideal bathroom in your home.