How to Throw a Fun and Festive Bridal Party

Not only should your event include food, but a cocktail bar is essential. Consider having a build-your-own-mimosa-bar or Bloody Mary bar available if hosting an after-party for your wedding.

Traditional bridal shower etiquette requires that the maid-of-honor serves as hostess, though bridesmaids and close friends often pitch in. Whatever the case may be, having a bridal party present can show your support for the bride!

Plan Ahead

If you are hosting a bridal shower, make sure you know approximately how many guests will attend to determine how much food and drink is needed to prepare. It’s also a good idea to keep track of who brings what by creating a Google spreadsheet or similar online option. If the bride has requested specific guest contributions in line with her theme — be it recipes or arts and crafts projects — ask guests for their input as an added element of fun participation!

Traditional etiquette holds that it’s the maid-of-honour’s role to organize a bridal shower; however, anyone may step forward and offer to be involved. Doing so helps spread joy among all bridesmaids without overburdening anyone in particular. Before accepting, always check in with both bride and mother first to avoid conflicts between your hosting plans and theirs.

Apart from creating a guest list, it is also crucial to determine where the party will take place. Depending on what interests and styles appeal to the bride-to-be, you may choose between hosting an intimate gathering at home or an elegant restaurant venue. If opting for an outside location, ensure it fits her personal preferences and style.

At any bridal shower event, it’s always nice to have some games ready and waiting. One fun activity involves the maid-of-honor reading out statements about either bride or groom that guests must vote on whether they believe are true by holding up a paddle if they believe them – the first person who gets four in a row wins!

At your wedding reception, guests may also attempt to identify popular wedding songs. To do this, divide guests into teams and play short clips of songs they recognize from your playlist; those identifying it correctly earn points for guessing correctly.

Those planning a destination wedding might consider hosting a welcome party on the eve or day prior to their main event, as a great way to introduce guests from out-of-town and set the scene for your big event weekend.

Set A Theme

It would be best to learn the appropriate bridal shower theme is essential when planning any party. A theme serves as an organizing principle, from invitations and food selection, through guest gift selection, all to keeping guests excited about attending and inspiring games and activities that add an additional fun layer.

For example, if the honoree loves flowers, consider hosting a Petals and Prosecco bridal shower. Decorate with stunning blooms while serving light bites such as stuffed mushrooms, Cuban sandwiches on sticks, Mexican seven-layer dip and more to inspire her to say, “I do!”

Other popular themes for bridal showers are brunch bridal showers (with colorful table linens and pink lemonade), tea parties where guests can help the bride-to-be create her flower crown, and lingerie bridal showers, which offer an intimate way of honoring and celebrating brides-to-be by having them try on various bra and panty sets, camisoles, slips, garters, etc.

An easy and entertaining wedding shower idea, stock the bar is an enjoyable and simple event to plan. Encourage bridesmaids to bring bottles from the couple’s registry as gifts; create an inviting drink station featuring mixers, ice, and garnishes; have guests sign a personalized drink coaster while drinking their spirits of choice as a special touch; have all guests sign and take home personalized coasters as favors from guests as a keepsake of this memorable celebration!

Bridal shower musical chairs are sure to please. Play an upbeat playlist of wedding songs and divide into teams; whenever the music stops, whichever team member holds a bouquet is out and eliminated – with the winner receiving their very own beautiful bridal bouquet prize at the end.

As an alternative to guest books, consider making a custom puzzle featuring both names of the bride and groom and have guests write their best wishes on it – then when the night is done she can take it home with her to read all those sweet messages in one go.

Don’t Forget The Food

Food is an integral component of planning a bridal party event. Depending on your theme, catering services could offer buffet or sit-down meal services; alternatively you could cater the food yourself or host a potluck where people bring their favorite dish from home. As for drinks, options could include wine and beer offerings or cocktail bars that feature different varieties of martinis.

Set up a dessert table to offer something sweet for all guests at your gathering. Meringues and berries dessert is a classic way to bring elegance, while an interactive build-your-own cupcake bar allows them to test out their creative skills.

Food should also be planned ahead for, to make sure there will be enough to feed everyone attending your wedding reception. If you need help determining how many guests to invite, speak with both bride and groom so they can give an indication of who would like to attend their celebrations. Once your guest list is in place, prepare a food and beverage menu.

Keep the bridal shower entertaining by including games in it. Classic games such as musical chairs are great fun; alternatively, you could make it more interesting by passing around floral arrangements as tunes play intermittently – whenever the music stops playing, the person with it is out. Another creative approach would be filling a bucket with water and ice, setting rings (toy ones work great!) on its bottom then challenging guests to retrieve them with their toes!

Engage your guests by setting up a puzzle for the bride to solve, writing their best advice down on notes for them to read aloud to her or giving each attendee a sheet of paper and assigning each person an item they can give (i.e. Keurig). Or give each attendee their own sheet and have them write something related to it, such as “A cup of coffee at nine sounds fine”.

Think About The Entertainment

One effective way to ensure your bridal party enjoys itself is to get them involved in engaging games. From themed slumber showers and tea parties to afternoon tea parties, adding games will help break the ice and start a conversation among your guests – plus provide your bride-to-be an opportunity to spend quality time with her closest friends while sharing in her upcoming nuptials’ excitement!

Music is another essential factor when planning a bridal party. Many couples now opt to hire both a DJ and live band for their reception, creating both contemporary and old-school flair for their celebration. Offering two forms of entertainment will also offer your guests more opportunities to dance the night away on the dance floor!

Decorations should never be forgotten when planning a bridal party, and are an opportunity to reinforce the theme and add flair and sophistication. If your bride-to-be loves a particular flower or color, incorporate that theme throughout with floral arrangements or custom welcome signs like Jovial Floral Co’s. Similarly, setting up a build your own sundae bar or candy station could bring it all to life while giving attendees something tasty as a sweet take-home favor!

While you’re creating your list, be sure to include everything needed for the day of the bridal shower. This will prevent you from forgetting essential items and will allow you to begin setting up as soon as your bridal party arrives. Moreover, having additional supplies like pens and tape handy just in case something goes awry or you need to clean up quickly is also wise.